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Masters In Emotional Intelligence & Human Relations

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Masters In Emotional Intelligence & Life Coaching

Vkom Plex

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- A Unique Teaching Methodology.
- Array of Unique SpecialiSations as needed by MNCs.
- 100% Placement and Business Assistance.

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Unique Specialisations


Group Learning Pedagogy


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100% Placement and Business Assistance

Interested in getting a Masters Degree from University of Mumbai? What you waiting for ?

The course has been a great learning experience—a life transforming experience so far. It has made me more aware of myself and why I behave in the way I do.

~Aditi Khatau, Master in EI & LC, Batch 2017-2019~

I joined the course seeking better understanding of the corporate world and how to accustom in the same, self-development and self-growth, surety in placement. It has also helped me in becoming a better human being by understanding how emotions work. I have already perceived a marked difference in myself and I am able to handle social situations better.

~RiddhiSalla, Master in EI & HR, Batch 2017-2019~

Learning EI has taught me about living and letting live—I try to put myself in other people’s shoes and try thinking from their perspective, and then reacting to the situation appropriately.

~Niyati Mehta, Master in EI & HR, Batch 2017-2019~

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